Developing and Strengthening Knowledge-Transfer to face up the Challenges in the Logistics and Transport Sector with the Panama Canal Expansion



DeSKLog is a project between the University of Duisburg-Essen of Germany and the Technological University of Panama sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. Main objective of the project is to strength the cooperation between partners in both countries while working out their scientific and problem-solution competences to lead to new cooperations baselines on the field of transport and logistics.

The project focusses on this field in Panama as it is of great importance for the increase of competition capacity not only for the country but as well for the Latin-American region. Transport and logistics services represent 25 % of the gross domestic product of the country. This denotes the importance to develop new business on the logistics platform Panamas through innovation.

Specific objectives of the project:

• Development of a scientific exchange between project partners

• Strengthen of the interaction of the universities on the local praxis sector

• Deeping knowledge about a fast growing logistics-platform in Latin-America

• Identification of factors that plays an important role for the enhancement of the competition capacities on the logistic sector of Panama


2014 last quarter Panama Workshop for project’s Kick-off Presentation of project partners.Introduction on local logistic platform conditions. Identification of essential measurements to achieve the project’s objectives. Agreement on communication channels and work instruments.
2015 first quarter Panama Forum with praxis experts in logistics field in Panama Exchange and networking on thematic groups on the theme innovation on logistic services and thoughts about logistical infrastructure needs.
2015 last quarter Germany Immersion on management of innovation in Germany Presentation of the German model for the promotion of innovation in the field of logistics, development of necessary infrastructure and related logistics services. Visit to key driver organisations.
2016 first quarter Germany Research internship for Panamanian young researchers Participation on current projects related to project themes at the Department of Transport Systems and Logistic of the University Duisburg-Essen.
2016 second quarter Panama Workshop for project’s close-out Result presentation, formulation of new cooperation paths and evaluation of project